League of Legends: Top 5 AD Carries playing in LCK season 9

League of Legends Season 9 is about to begin and there have been plenty of roster moves across the globe. Many teams have been strengthened with new acquisitions while some have lost their star players. Here are the top 5 AD Carries heading into the 2019 LCK:

5) Nuclear – Damwon Gaming

Via LOL Esports

There is not much that is known about Nuclear apart from the fact that he is a solo queue god. People have been comparing him to Viper from Griffin and if Nuclear can achieve similar feats to what Viper has done in his rookie season, then he is definitely gonna go up.

4)Deft – Kingzone Dragon X

Via LOL Esports

Deft is a really consistent player in the lane and he has now even improved upon his past habit of overextending at times. He is one of the most decorated AD Carries of all time and with both Bang and Pray not in the LCK scene, he is now the most experienced in the league. He is also in a much weaker squad noe compared to his last, so he will have to do a lot of work if he wants to succeed in Season 9.

3) Ruler – Gen.G

Via LOL Esports

The MVP of 2017 Worlds was not able to perform up to his potential in Season 8. He is good in lane but apart from that he failed to make any major impact outside of the laning stage. He doesn’t make flashy plays and usually is just a well-rounded player. In any case, he is a player who is efficient on both hyper carries or the standard AD Carries.

2) Teddy – SKT T1 Telecom

Via LOL Esports

Everybody wanted to see Teddy on a good team and now with SKT T1 Telecom he finally has a chance to shine. He was the sole shining star in a struggling Jhin Air Squad. He is known as a fantastic laner and an exceptional team fighter. Along with Mata, he is bound to be successful.

1) Viper – Griffin

Via LOL Esports

The rookie has been smashing the scene. He is mechanically gifted, and along with entire Griffin squad, has surprised many. He has a big champion pool and can play mages too. He is an aggressive laner who likes to continually pressure the opponent and force them to make errors.