The Game Awards 2018 News: Fortnite streamer Ninja wins Best Content Creator Award

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the biggest streamer on Twitch especially known for his Fortnite: Battle Royale streams, has won the award for Best Content Creator in the Game Awards 2018.

Ninja burst into the scene as Fortnite itself rose in popularity, with the streamer eventually becoming the most followed streamer on Twitch with over 11 million followers and an average of over 59,000 viewers every time he streams as of October this year.

Ninja also had a hand in breaking the record for the most-viewed stream on Twitch when he played Fortnite with NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster and rappers Travis Scott and Drake and reached a whopping 630,000 concurrent viewers back in March.

Ninja beat out the likes of fellow Fortnite streamers Pokimane, Dr. Lupo, and Myth, and Spanish streamer Willyrex.