Fortnite x Avengers: 5 best Avengers skin we may find in the latest update

Epic Games’ Fortnite recently teased another crossover with Marvel Franchise via their official Twitter account and confirmed the return of Fortnite X Avengers. The update will be available for download on April 25, 2019 – one day after the release of Avengers Endgame.

Last year, Fortnite featured Thanos in a Limited time mode in which the players could play as or against the Mad Titan. The gameplay included an infinity gauntlet which would be hidden somewhere in the Battle Royale map and whoever got his hands on it would instantly become the strongest player in the game.

This event featuring Thanos was welcomed by Fortnite fans and it was indeed an unforgettable crossover. This year, yet another Fortnite x Avengers crossover has been confirmed via Tweets that featured Captain America’s Shield and Thor’s Stormbreaker.

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Now that we know the Avengers will be visiting the Battle Royale by the end of this week, it’s hard not to wonder about the possible skins that might arrive with the latest update. What makes it more exciting is the fact that using Avengers’ skin would make it one of the rare occasions when you would see popular Marvel Characters in other games.

Thus, we have listed five best Avengers skins in Fortnite that may come with the second Fortnite x Avengers venture.

  1. Captain America

The First Avenger – Captain America is the commander of the mighty Avengers. He is indeed one of the most popular superheroes in the franchise and has an immense fan following across the globe.

Captain America and his iconic shield also featured in the first teaser shared under Fortnite x Avengers by Fortnite Games. It is certain that Captain America is playing a very important role in Avengers Endgame where is rumoured to die, putting an end to a remarkable ten-year-old journey.

His iconic shield with the U.S.A. flag on it is one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel Cinematic universe, being built from Vibranium. Avengers Endgame featured that shield after a long time and bringing it back in the game will be a bittersweet memory.

  1. Professor Hulk

Fortnite x Avengers ventures are hugely influenced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Professor Hulk may be the next best thing that we will see in a matter of few days. To give you the context, Bruce Banner and his alter ego Hulk, were shown in an identity conflict. In the comics, this conflict results in the creation of Professor Hulk who boasts of Hulk’s strength and Banner’s intelligence.

It is rumoured that Professor Hulk will appear for the first time in Avengers Endgame which could mean that he may also arrive at Fortnite x battle Royale. The most exciting part about having a Professor Hulk skin would be the fact that it has never appeared in the history of video games.

  1. Hulk

Now we may not get Professor Hulk, but if the Avengers are coming to Fortnite then surely Hulk is arriving too. He will probably be the strongest and coolest character to fight as, especially when you are up against 99 other players.

One of the most successful comic characters of all time, Hulk is also portrayed as the strongest Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He may not be the best with the weapons but the sure will have the best immunity against the bullets being fired on you. Remember, the Big Guy always spits it out.

  1. Iron Man

Earth’s best defender and the most popular Avenger, Iron Man is one of the favourite characters to have ever appeared on the big screen. His suit is one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Marvel Universe.

Stressing back on the point of Fortnite x Avengers being in alignment with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is one of the strongest amongst the Earth’s mightiest heroes. If you remember, he was the only one who could make Thanos bleed.

Thus, if included in the Fortnite Battle Royale, the Iron Man suit will make any player one of the strongest beings in the map. With higher resilience and deadliest weapons, Iron Man will make you unbeatable. If that’s not enough, just remember how cool it may look.

  1. Quantum Realm suitS

This may be one of the possible surprises in the game. In the Avengers Endgame trailer, we can see all the heroes bearing the Quantum Realm suits which are being featured in the Marvel Cinematic history for the first time. This may be brought into Fortnite and may be best suited for squad games.

With this suit, one would get the power of visiting the quantum realm and getting control over time. It may boast of several other important weapons which we will know only after the movie is released. Thus, one can use this skin alongside his teammates while going up against other players on the map and relive the Avengers moment.