Fortnite X Avengers: Second teaser for Endgame crossover revealed

Less than 24 hours after the first tweet, Fortnite have released the second teaser of the much-awaited Fortnite x Avengers crossover.  This time, the teaser suggests that Thor will be a part of the upcoming Fortnite update. 

In the latest tweet shared by Fortnite’s official account, an image of Thor’s Stormbreaker is seen which is being held by the only remaining Guardian of the Galaxy, Rocket. It is interesting to note that Rocket was one of Thor’s main allies in Avengers: Infinity War and this teaser could suggest that he has a very important role to play in Avengers Endgame.

Yesterday, the first teaser of the Fortnite x Avengers crossover showcased Captain America and his shield alongside the date of the latest update being revealed as May 25, 2019, one day after the release of Avengers Endgame. Interestingly, Fortnite also features a mysterious lake in their current gameplay which appears to look a lot like the pattern on Captain America’s shield.

Following the massive success of Thanos’ cameo in the game’s Limited Time Mashup event, the Fortnite x Avengers crossover is set to return with promising new gameplay. In the first event, Thanos’ infinity gauntlet would be hidden in the map and any player who could find it would instantly become the strongest person in the Battle Royale.

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Since the role of the character was in alignment with Thanos’ role in the movies, it is hard to predict what will happen when the Avengers will be introduced to the Fortnite gameplay. However, it can be assured that the event will again be introduced for a limited time.

With three more days to go for the Avengers Endgame release, it can be expected that Fortnite will tease the arrival of one Avenger each day. The latest update will roll out this weekend so make sure you have cleared your schedule. Whatever it takes!