Fortnite’s developer will hold off on releasing game-changing updates before tournaments

Epic Games, the developer of the massively-popular Fortnite: Battle Royale, has announced that they will be holding off on releasing game-changing updates to the game before tournaments following significant backlash from the competitive Fortnite community.

In the first of three posts on the state of development of competitive Fortnite, Epic Games said that they will set a time window ranging from a few days to a week between the release of game-changing updates and Fortnite tournaments.

The developer reasoned that the aforementioned window will “provide reasonable time for [players] to adjust strategies following large gameplay impacting changes.”

“We value the ability of players to adapt to the game changing over time. We also believe these changes keep Fortnite fresh for everyone including players, competitors and spectators,” said Epic in its post.

The developer added that this stance will be implemented starting with the ‘Summer Smash’ tournament at the Australian Open on the weekend of January 26.

While Epic emphasized that Fortnite will still receive its longstanding weekly updates, they are open to adjustments for major and official tournaments. This will be a major point as the Fortnite World Cup is set to kick off later this year.

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Many among the Fortnite esports community have been frustrated with how the massive changes introduced to the game have disrupted its competitive balance and integrity. It has even prompted professional player Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani of Team Solo Mid (TSM) to publicly push for a pro player’s union earlier this month. But with that said, Epic’s announcement may very well be a welcome boon for a Fortnite competitive scene still in its early stages.