Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: the best player on Football Manager 2020 revealed

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: the best player on Football Manager 2020 revealed

On Tuesday, the latest version of Football Manager was released – and as with every football-related game out there, we are keen to find out how they have answered the eternal Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo debate.

And thanks to GiveMeSport, it looks like we now have an answer to the above question – as they performed a detailed breakdown of all the 36 individual stats in the game to see who has been rated the better of the two, and in which departments.

Each attribute is rated out of 20, with 1 being the worst possible score and 20 being the best.

Check out the detailed breakdown right below:

Corners: Messi 15-13 Ronaldo
Crossing: Messi 15-15 Ronaldo
Dribbling: Messi 20-15 Ronaldo
Finishing: Messi 20-19 Ronaldo
First Touch: Messi 19-17 Ronaldo
Free-kicks: Messi 19-15 Ronaldo
Heading: Ronaldo 19-10 Messi
Long shots: Ronaldo 19-17 Messi
Long throws: Messi 4-2 Ronaldo
Marking: Messi 4-3 Ronaldo
Passing: Messi 20-15 Ronaldo
Penalty taking: Ronaldo 20-17 Messi
Tackling: Ronaldo 8-7 Messi
Technique: Messi 20-17 Ronaldo

Aggression: Messi 7-6 Ronaldo
Anticipation: Messi 19-18 Ronaldo
Bravery: Ronaldo 16-10 Messi
Composure: Messi 18-14 Ronaldo
Concentration: Ronaldo 16-13 Messi
Decisions: Messi 20-18 Ronaldo
Determination: Messi 20-20 Ronaldo
Flair: Messi 20-18 Ronaldo
Leadership: Ronaldo 17-14 Messi
Off the ball: Ronaldo 18-16 Messi
Positioning: Ronaldo 6-5 Messi
Teamwork: Messi 14-10 Ronaldo
Vision: Messi 20-14 Ronaldo
Work rate: Ronaldo 10-7 Messi

Acceleration: Messi 18-15 Ronaldo
Agility: Messi 20-13 Ronaldo
Balance: Messi 20-14 Ronaldo
Jumping Reach: Ronaldo 18-6 Messi
Natural fitness: Ronaldo 20-14 Messi
Pace: Ronaldo 16-15 Messi
Stamina: Ronaldo 15-13 Messi
Strength: Ronaldo 16-9 Messi

Out of the 36 attributes discussed above, Messi has a better rating in nineteen attributes and Ronaldo has a better rating in fifteen. Both players are tied with each other in two attributes.

That being said, it looks like Lionel Messi is the better player on Football Manager 2020 – but let’s hold that thought.

GiveMeSport has also hinted that, interestingly, when one adds up all the stats together for both players separately, both of them have a total of 525 points each.

It looks like even Football Manager could not find a solution to the eternal Messi-Ronaldo debate, after all.