Watch – FIFA 19: Player angry with low pace rating in game, proves them wrong with scientific evidence

Morecambe winger Kevin Ellison wasn’t happy with his FIFA 19 pace rating and went on to prove that EA Sports have gotten his ratings all wrong. 

The 39-year-old winger was handed only a 35 rating for his pace and clearly, the Morecambe winger wasn’t happy with it at all. Therefore, in his quest to prove everyone at EA Sports wrong, he set out to prove, with ‘scientific evidence’, that he is actually faster than what he has been assigned.

Ellison compared his FIFA rating with real-life data, and posted a video of him walking using a frame on his Twitter handle with the message, ‘Still can’t believe @EASPORTSFIFA have me down for 35 pace, struggling to get my head around it. I got proof/scientific evidence to back me up am quicker than u think go have a look ppl don’t believe everything you see even salt looks like sugar.’

The tweet had a link to a YouTube video where Ellison goes on to quash the pace rating handed to him by FIFA 19 developers. Here’s the full video.

The Englishman has scored 79 goals in 315 appearances for the club.