FIFA 19: 5 players unhappy with their FIFA ratings

Lacazette FIFA 19

FIFA games have the tendency to bring out the best and the worst of the premier EA Sports franchise. The annually released video game has given us some memorable moments over the years, and this year too, big things seem to be happening thanks to the fresh additions in the game.

The UEFA Champions League has been included in FIFA 19 this year, which is pretty huge, considering the necessary licenses haven’t been forthcoming in previous years. Fans get to enjoy the feeling of playing Champions League football as if they were actually there, full with the iconic anthem and the exact replica of stadiums during the continental tournament.

But the usual suspects are back to question FIFA yet again. The ratings refresh this year means that new ratings are in for the game and it’s safe to say that some players just cannot be satisfied with what has transpired. We tend to glorify ratings of players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, but further down the field there remain players who haven’t been given their due, and they aren’t afraid to share their experiences, even if in good fun.

Keeping this in mind, here are five players who were left unhappy with their FIFA 19 numbers:

#5 Michail Antonio: 78

Michael Antonio is one of those players who comes across as a bully. A bully on the pitch that is, owing to his tremendous strength and ability to push defenders off the ball.

So when FIFA 19 revealed his rating as being just 78, the West Ham forward didn’t take it too kindly. In this YouTube video, Antonio expresses his frustration over his first FIFA 19 card, and it’s hard to argue with him.

He looks specially devastated to be rated low in the physicality and pace department, two areas where we know how strong he truly is.

#4 James Maddison: 75

James Maddison has emerged as one of the next big things in English football after a sensational start to this campaign. So when it was revealed to him that his FIFA 19 rating was just 75, the Leicester City midfielder didn’t like what he saw.

Here the England man discusses where he should be in the ratings and how harsh FIFA have been to him. To be fair, he might be right. Leicester have looked very strong in midfield, and a low strength rating for their best central player is quite baffling.

#3 Kieran Trippier: 82

England’s successful World Cup campaign this summer was largely brought about by some brilliant defending and forward play that featured pretty much the entire eleven from start to finish.

The combined effort was typified by the work rate of one Kieran Trippier who could manage only 82 in FIFA 19 somehow. This YouTube clip of Trippier guessing his rating with Kyle Walker shows just how surprised he is to learn his individual stats and honestly you really can’t blame him.

His pace and shooting are absurd, to say the least, and should rightly disappoint the full-back. His physicality at 72 needs to be higher too, and Trippier’s reactions in the video say it all.

#2 Kyle Walker: 84

Another English defender unhappy with where he stands in FIFA 19 is Kyle Walker. In the same YouTube video as mentioned above, Walker is asked to guess his rating along with Trippier, and the Manchester City man is quite astonished at some of his individual attributes.

While his stats look pretty decent on paper, Walker certainly isn’t as high up as he thinks he should be, and perhaps coming off the high of a World Cup semi-final appearance and a Premier League triumph with City, he has a point. Either way, his dribbling, shooting and passing could do with an upgrade.

#1 Alexandre Lacazette: 84

Poor Alex Lacazette. The Arsenal front-man may have dropped down a little last season under Arsene Wenger, but he has shone in the spotlight under Unai Emery. Sadly, FIFA 19 hasn’t recognized that just yet.

This is on display here on YouTube as part of a promotional clip for EA Sports. Lacazette is given a player-card showing 85 to which he reacts with “Is that it? Even though I’m much faster than Auba!”

The striker would be further disappointed to learn that he is now rated 84 officially, and his pace is a lowly 81. His passing and physicality are low too, and unworthy of his talents. Obviously, the Frenchman will tell you that all by himself.