FIFA eNations Cup 2019 Final: France’s Maestro and DaXe win the inaugural edition in a thrilling final

It was a dramatic final day which witnessed France’s Maestro and DaXe winning the inaugural edition of FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019 in London, this weekend. After a gruelling tournament, this French duo defeated 20 other countries to get their hands on the crown. 

Maestro and DaXe were up against Argentina’s Nicolas99fc’ and Yagocai. In the first leg,  Maestro played against Nicolas99fc bringing the match to a 1-1 draw. With the first match being unable to grant winning points to either of the finalists, the second leg was set to determine the winner.

DaXe and Yagocai then went ahead to battle it out in a winners take all match wherein the former walked out victorious following a dramatic 2-1 win.

Talking about winning the FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019 in its inaugural edition, DaXe said, “I’m very happy we’ve given France the first-ever FIFA eNations Cup – it’s an amazing moment to win it.”

“It was a very big thing for us to win this tournament. We are world champions again and we hope to win back-to-back titles next year”, he added.

He also went on to sing praises for his final opponent of the night, Yago. “Yago is so good – he beat Tekkz earlier in the tournament. We never play a final – we win a final. We did the job. Allez Les Bleus!”

Maestro, on the other hand, went all out in his celebration and also landed a peck on the other half of the French Dup to mark his celebration.  “I kiss him because it’s crazy what he did. Allez Les Bleus!”, he said.

A grateful Maestro then went on to credit his partner and express gratitude towards all those who had supported him. Reflecting on their win tonight, he said, “It feels great to win the first ever FIFA eNations Cup with my brother, it’s crazy! I want to thank the French Football Federation. Everybody worked hard for us to be in good condition and we’re very grateful for that. I want to thank my girlfriend and my family. I also want to thank my brother.”

The winners of the tournament were awarded with USD 40,000With this, the FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019 closed on a thrilling note that is bound to leave a legacy in the years to come.