FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019 (Day 1): Dramatic fixtures, news roundup, results, standings and more

The much-awaited FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019 went underway on the second weekend of April in London where 20 countries hailing from six confederations looked to lock horns for the final prize on the esteemed platform. 

In the quest to determine the best national team, 40 players officially donned their respective country’s stripes and went on to participate in the group stages of the tournament.

Here’s what happened in the group stages of Dy 1 in FIFA eNations Cup.

Group A

The former champions MsDossary7 and The Royal did not have the best start to this year’s edition of FIFA eNations Cup. The duo lost three matches, out of which two were disappointing defeats against France. currently, they reside at the third position of the Group A Table.

On the other hand, F2Tekkz and eLions took England to the top spot in the Group after a stunning performance in their respective matches which included an unbeaten run on Day 1.

Group B

Jiang and Ma registered their first win in FIFA eNations Cup after defeating the third place-holders, Spain. Unfortunately, it was not enough for team Chian to work their way up on the table. Currently residing at the end of the group B Table, China could only hope for a miracle on Sunday.

Mexico, on the other hand, had a spectacular run during Day 1 during which they defeated the United States of America and  Spain, in what were the most entertaining encounters of the opening night.

Group C

This group witnessed some of the most dramatic moments that took the onlookers by surprise. Ahead of the tournament, it was expected that Germany will be swift in topping the group table. 8However, a series of defeats on an opening day directed them straight out of the knockout stages.

Argentina, however, was led to the top of the group after a brilliant comeback and will face Brazil in the final round of the group stages.

Group D

The results in this group are almost a mirror image of Group B standings. Demark have been comfortably seated on the top of the table but the Sunday results need to be in their favour as all their counterparts are chasing a spot in the knockout. The former is at risk only because of the small difference in the points between the different ranked teams in the group.

Based on the current standings, Round 5 on Day 2 of the ongoing FIFA eNations Cup 2019 will go on to be a perfect amalgamation of skills and drama. Let’s await the surprises that this Sunday will bring to us from this virtual war.