WATCH: Liverpool star loses his cool after Raheem Sterling pulls a brutal FIFA 19 prank on him

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold was the subject of a FIFA 19 prank by Manchester City star Raheem Sterling and didn’t take well to it initially.

Alexander-Arnold, who is quite the gamer himself, was in for a rude awakening when England teammate Raheem Sterling battered him on FIFA with the lip service to go with it.

Having just defeated him in the morning, Alexander-Arnold was at a loss for words and reacted angrily as he continued shipping goal after goal in the game.

However, as it would turn out, it wasn’t Raheem Sterling controlling his team as hidden away in a nearby room wasĀ professional FIFA player F2Tekkz –Ā  who is set to represent England in theĀ FIFA eNations Cup this weekend –Ā  playing for him.

And when the big reveal happened at the end, Raheem Sterling couldn’t stop laughing!