FIFA 19 ratings refresh: 5 players to receive new ratings

The La Liga ratings refresh is out and we now know which players are set to get a change in ratings based on their performances so far this season. More than half of the season is gone and it is quite safe to evaluate the players and make a change in the ratings based on it right now.

So, without further ado, here are five players in La Liga who have received an upgrade…

#5 Lucas Hernandez – 82 to 83

The Atletico Madrid defender had a great year in 2018. He was an indispensable member in Didier Deschamps World Cup-winning France squad and then made a strong start to the season for Atletico Madrid.

As a result, he has gotten a higher rating for his superb performances over the past few months.

#4 Sergio Busquets – 88 to 89

Good wine gets better with age and good holding midfielders, too, follow that pattern. While Sergio Busquets might not be the quickest – that was never his best trait anyway – his positional awareness has become even better.

He can read danger even before it arises and ensures that he cuts it down when it is in an inactive state. He has gotten a step closer to 90 as only a rating point of one separates him from the A+ category.

#3 Dani Carvajal – 84 to 85

Dani Carvajal celebrates Daniel Wass' own goal

It is actually quite shocking that it took this long for Dani Carvajal to get a rating of 85. The Spaniard is among the best right-backs in the world and was crucial to Madrid’s Champions League-winning campaigns.

The irony is that this is one of Carvajal’s weaker seasons and it is now that he reaches the 85 mark – something that he should have reached a long time ago.

#2 Ousmane Dembele – 82 to 84

Barcelona forward Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele started the season in the worst possible way. His love for gaming ensured that he stayed up very late and then subsequently come late to training the following day.

This happened more than once this season and there were reports of Barcelona letting him go because of this. However, not only has he become more disciplined, his performances have made sure that Ernesto Valverde can’t throw him out of the starting XI.

After all this, he gets an upgrade of two rating points – which just goes to show how brilliant he is.

#1 Karim Benzema – 84 to 85

And finally, Karim Benzema. He is the only player on this list whose age is above 30. The Frenchman seems to have rediscovered himself in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo.

While he might not be scoring as much as the Portuguese did, he has been brilliant for his team and led the Madrid attack. His link-up play in the attack has been tremendous this season and he seems to be an incredible guide for the young Vinicius Jr.

As a result of his form, he gets an upgrade of one rating point.