FIFA 19 esports had its biggest month on Twitch in December 2018

FIFA 19 seems to have already hit its stride in esports, as the game posted a whopping 2.5 million hours of live esports viewership on the main gaming streaming platforms on Twitch and YouTube in December 2018 alone.

According to the latest game streaming report by research firm Newzoo, FIFA 19 led the top four console esports in terms of esports hours watched. The popular football simulation game beat out the likes of Call of Duty (2.3 million), Street Fighter V (1.3 million), and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (1.1 million hours).

Twitch accounted for 2.3 million hours of FIFA 19’s live viewership in December, with over 90% of that coming from the official channel of the game’s publisher, EA Sports.

December 2018 saw plenty of FIFA 19 esports competitions being played, including the FUT Champions Cup November (November 30 to December 2), the PGL FIFA 19 Cup Bucharest (December 8 to 9), and the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December (December 14 to 16).

The effect of EA Sports’ commitment to FIFA esports is unquestionably apparent. The publisher has significantly increased the number of esports competitions for FIFA 19 compared to its predecessor, as the previous title in the FIFA series, FIFA 18, produced only a measly 20 thousand hours of viewership in December 2017.

While the huge gap may be expected considering the difference in the number of competitions between FIFA 19 and FIFA 18, it still stands as a testament to EA Sports’ commitment to FIFA esports. The company has even devoted over 300 of its staff to its esports effort, according to a report by

We can expect FIFA’s numbers to continue growing well into 2019, especially with the FIFA 19 Global Series still running its course to the FIFA eWorld Cup later this year.