Sunil Chhetri highest rated Indian in ISL FIFA 20 Mobile, FC Goa star attains highest rating

EA Sports have announced the addition of Indian Super League players to the FIFA 20 Mobile. Along with the ISL players, Romania’s Liga I stars have also been added to the game, which can only be played on mobile. Legendary Indian footballer Sunil Chhetri is the highest-rated Indian on the game.

Though Chhetri isn’t the highest-rated ISL player as FC Goa’s Spanish forward Ferran Corominas ‘Coro’ has been given the maximum ratings by EA Sports, the Bengaluru FC star has been given top-class ratings under attributes like sprint speed, acceleration, finishing, agility and dribbling.

While the 34-year-old’s best attribute in the game is sprint speed with a rating of 96, his acceleration is rated at 92, finishing is rated at 94 and agility and dribbling at 85. Chhetri’s positioning is rated at a massive 81 as well.

chhetri fifa20 mobile

*The ratings can be upgraded in-game

Image Courtesy: Stopde