FIFA takes sly dig at PES after unveiling Franck Ribery’s new in-game face

FIFA takes sly dig at PES after unveiling Franck Ribery's new in-game face

On Thursday, popular e-Football franchise FIFA 20 took a sly dig at their chief competitor PES 2020, after unveiling Fiorentina star Franck Ribery’s new in-game face following his complaint earlier this month.

Check out the following tweet from @EASPORTSFIFA:

“Hey @FranckRibery, your Transfer Certificate is finally in. Violet looks good on you #WeKnowHimBetter #FIFA20,” they wrote on Twitter.

The #WeKnowHimBetter hashtag seems to be a cheeky dig at PES 2020, after they trolled FIFA 20 for their Franck Ribery in-game face earlier in October.

In case you missed it, here’s their tweet:

It all happened as the player himself expressed his unhappiness over FIFA 20’s lack of effort in detailing his character in the game.

Ribery shared a shocking screenshot of his character in FIFA 20, and tagged @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter, claiming even he couldn’t recognize himself in the game.

Looks like the 36-year-old will sleep a little easier now, as both FIFA 20 and PES 2020 have finally released fairly accurate representations of his facial features.

The Frenchman moved to Serie A side Fiorentina in August 2019, on a free transfer after a 12-year spell with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.

He has won one Champions League, nine Bundesliga titles, six German Cups, one FIFA Club World Cup, one German League Cup, one UEFA Super Cup and five German Super Cups with Bayern – and was also crowned the best player of Europe in 2013.