EA Sports release cryptic first teaser for FIFA 20, reveal first-look date

FIFA has become one of the world’s most popular video game. Every year, gaming company EA Sports release the latest version of the virtual football simulation, which is bought by millions of people around the world. FIFA 20 is the latest in the line of the ‘FIFA’ titles and EA Sports has revealed a cryptic teaser for the same. 

EA Sports have revealed a cryptic first-look at FIFA 20, the gaming title which is expected to be released later this year. The teaser trailer offers a look at the ‘FIFA 20’ logo, before showing a mysterious symbol, and a football pitch. The short video ends by revealing the official date for the full game reveal, which is June 8, 2019.

You can watch the short FIFA 20 teaser here:

EA Sports have further revealed that the game will be revealed on June 8, 2019, at 9:00 PM SGT and will feature a ‘game-changing announcement’.

Later this month, Electronic Arts will hold their annual gaming expo – EA Play – where they reveal several upcoming titles and updates to the current games. FIFA is a headline title for the gaming company and its reveal is witnessed by millions of fans around the world.

The full game is expected to be released in September 2019, following the trend of the previous FIFA titles.