Dota 2 Chinese community demand action on racist remark

Dota 2

UPDATED: The Dota 2 Chinese community demanded Valve Corporation to take appropriate action against compLexity Gaming (coL) player Andrei “skem” Ong’s “chingchong” remark.

Carlo “Kuku” Palad of TNC Predator was also called out for using the same remark in a public match, which first appeared in coL’s match against Royal Never Give Up during the Dream Hack DreamLeague Season 10.

ViCi Gaming, in its official Facebook page, said it “strongly condemns” Ong’s and Palad’s “recent negative behavior,” whose “youth and ignorance” must not be an “excuse.”

“We hope Valve to step in, hoping to maintain a good domestic and international competitive environment.”

Team Aster, in a Chinese tweet, said they were “very disappointed with the development of the current situation,” since Valve “has never responded…after multiple reports.”

Team Aster gave a strong warning against offenders, who will be “severely punished and subject to public supervision.”

They planned in emulating Union of European Football Associations’s “Respect” campaign by assigning Aster players to attach “[RESPECT]” after their in-game names.

In microblogging site Weibo, professional Dota 2 Chinese players aired out their sentiments.

Reddit user “yyhfhbw” collated the Weibo posts and provided some English translations.

Bai “rOtK” Fan of Vici Gaming, with a screengrab of Ong’s chat, was infuriated.

“So nowadays everybody thinks its ok to say that to Chinese teams?” Fan asked. “Who the f**k do you think you are? I’m so done.”

Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao (formerly “Maybe”) of LGD Gaming remarked that the 17-year-old’s comment was a “f***ing piece of s**t.”

Streamer “Zard” sounded less angry than the two, but was more insistent, saying “I usually do not blend my self into trending events, but is there no following up [by Valve]…?”

“[It] is definitely of the same level as n****r, why is there no reaction? If someone dares to say n****r in a match, Valve would surely ban him immediately. Why [is there no form of penalty]?”

“Zard” recalled his past traumatic experiences in the North American region, where he received racial discrimination in games. In real life, he was cut down in a queue by “an old white lady” who called him “chink pig.”

Famous content localizer “HOHO” said “Insulting comments like that should not exist in an official tournament.”

“We shall wait and see what happens,” he added.

The Dota 2 Chinese Wiki tagged Valve personalities “IceFrog” and “Wykrhm,” saying “We must say NO to Racism.”

Ong already apologized on Twitter last November 1, after losing 1-2 in the upper bracket series. They finished 5th to 6th in the tournament, with $15,000 and 40 Dota Pro Circuit points.

coL management announced on November 2 that Ong will be given “formal reprimand” and a “maximum fine” for his mockery of the Chinese speech.