A Dust-themed map will be coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Battle Royale mode – Danger Zone

Evidence of a Dust-themed map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s battle royale mode, Danger Zone, was discovered and shared on the game’s subreddit.

In the post, an image of the minimap under a file called tablet_radar_xl_dust.vtf. This references one of the unique features of the game’s battle royale mode, where players can use a ‘tablet’ device to keep track of other players in the map.

Dust Battle Royale minimap in game files from GlobalOffensive

The minimap shows what appears to be a hilltop fortress near the center of an island with four distinct areas jutting out at the corners, with each having different structures and topography. A path runs from the southeast, beginning at what appear to be docks, across an inlet and over the the southwest, then turns north to the set of structures at the northwest.

The map’s structure is pretty simple by CS:GO standards, but it would fit with the scope of the game’s battle royale mode. Unlike other games which follow that gameplay formula, Danger Zone keeps with CS:GO’s insistence on being a tactics-centric shooter. Danger Zone matches are much unlike the slogs of other battle royale games too, as its smaller scale means that matches end around 10 minutes.

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It’s easy to see why the next map for Danger Zone would be Dust-themed, as Dust and Dust II have long been very popular and iconic Counter-Strike maps.

The addition of such a map may help placate some of the game’s players too, as CS:GO was hit with a lot ot negative feedback because of the Danger Zone update which made it go free-to-play.

There has been no word yet as to when this new Dust map for Danger Zone would be released. Since the battle royale mode itself went live days ago, we can optimistically hope for a release either before the end of this year or early next year.