What’s new in CS:GO Battle Royale – Danger Zone? 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just released its biggest update so far, headlined by the game’s very own ‘Danger Zone’ battle royale mode. Each battle royale game has tried to have its own spin on the popular gameplay formula, so what’s new with Danger Zone? 

One map, 18 players

Danger Zone currently only has one map called Blacksite which may be small compared to the maps of other battle royale games, but are big for CS:GO standards. This suits the scope of the game well enough though, as the game will only accommodate 18 players instead of the 100-man battle royales of other games. This makes for a slower, more tactically-oriented, and intense gameplay that has long been the signature of the Counter-Strike series.

Pick your landing zone

Instead of jumping out of a plane or a ridiculous flying bus to land somewhere randomly, CS:GO will let its players publicly claim a landing zone on the map before rappelling into the match.

Blacksite is divided into hexagonal zones and instead of the map shrinking over time, each zone will be randomly and occasionally bombarded by an airstrike.

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Have your tablet ready

All players carry an upgradeable tablet device which is accessible through the Tab key which they can use to track other players and access a limited buy menu. This is one of the biggest changes that set Danger Zone apart, as other battle royale games force players to seek out their opponents mostly through sight and they can mostly acquire weapons by searching for them in the map or looting fallen enemies.

Old weapons, new shooting range

Players start off with just their fists and will have to scrounge up some weapons quickly, but they can also expand their arsenal by buying weapons on the special tablet mentioned above. After purchasing a weapon or other equipment, it will be ferried to your position by aerial delivery drones.

But how do you get money to buy weapons? Just go around and you’ll find some. Wads of cash can be found scattered in the environment and you can also bring hostages to rescue zones for extra dosh like in classic Counter-Strike.

For veterans of the series weary of the changes that Danger Zone brings to their beloved classic, fret not as it features the same weapon behavior and damage as conventional CS:GO. And instead of having to go through a drawn-out slog common in the other battle royale games, Danger Zone matches are short, lasting about 10 minutes like most conventional CS:GO games.

For more information on Danger Zone, check out Valve’s official blog post.