Former CS:GO pro player admits to smacking a woman live on stream

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) professional player and analyst Sam “DaZeD” Marine shocked viewers during a live broadcast of the Twitch dating show ‘King of the Hill’ when he admitted to “smacking the sh—t” out of a woman.

King of the Hill is a Twitch dating show, where four female streamers judge various male candidates, and pick who should become the eponymous ‘king of the hill.’

In an attempt to convince the female streamers to pick him, DaZeD told that he once “smacked the sh—t” out of a woman after she apparently bit his finger during intercourse. He followed by admitting that the reason why he did was because he was “way too drunk.”

Three of the female streamers present, as well as the show’s host Rajj Patel, were shocked and thought that DaZeD was sharing too much information. However, one of the other female streamers apparently had a positive response to the story.

The original clip, and entire VOD from the King of the Hill show, has been removed from Twitch. Reddit user owens3131 was able to post it on streamable, however.

DaZeD soon left the stream after not being picked by any of the women. However, he addressed the controversial story later on in his own stream, saying that women would always react positively whenever he tells it to them.

DaZeD’s controversial story would later garner attention in the ‘LivestreamFail‘ subreddit.