Artifact releases ‘Call to Arms’ 1.1 update

Artifact has released its new ‘Call to Arms’ 1.1 update, featuring two new decks for the Call to Arms event, new tournament and game modes, chat features, and more.

Headlining the update are two new decks for players to use in the ongoing Call to Arms event, the first being the spell-heavy mono blue ‘Death from Above’ deck and the other the hard-hitting mono black ‘Dark Aggro’ deck.

Death from Above includes the hero cards Luna, Ogre Magi, Zeus, Crystal Maiden, and Skywrath Mage. Meanwhile, Dark Aggro features Phantom Assassin, Winter Wyvern, Sorla Khan, Sniper, and Lion.

The update also includes a new ‘Random Mode’ that gives players a random Call to Arms deck to play with for each time they queue up.

The game has also added Open Tournaments, automated short-duration tournaments that lets players join quickly and effortlessly.

There are three kinds of Open Tournaments: Automated, Pauper, and Free for All.

Automated tournaments pits you against other players with just one click. Pauper tournaments will challenge players by letting them only use decks with common cards. Lastly, Free for All tournaments gives players three hours to play against as many opponents as possible (with each opponent only playable twice) with whoever ends up with the most victories after three hours winning.

The game now also has a chat feature for both cards and players. Each hero and summoned creep are now able to deliver fully voiced lines of dialogue for both banter and trash talk (depends on what kind of player you are). Players can also send custom messages to their opponents and invite them to use Steam Chat instead.

Players can either opt-in to a non-friend’s messages or block an obnoxious opponent for the duration of the game.

Bot Gauntlets and Colorblind Accessibility features have also been added to the game. For the full list of changes, check out the full update post on the Artifact blog here.