H1Z1 Pro League to Shut Down due to Financial Issues

It’s a sad day for the esports community. H1Z1, a battle-royale game, has announced to the participating teams that the league will be canceled indefinitely, according to a report by ESPN.

The management sent a text to the players and the management of each team that the league will suspend its second season and all the players are now free of their contracts.

“It’s with a heavy heart that a letter has been sent to the League’s team organizations providing notice that the 2nd Split has been suspended indefinitely and that a second league season will not be renewed or scheduled at this time,” Jace Hall, co-chairman of Twin Galaxies, said.

The news came after H1Z1 failed to pay out their part of the contract, forcing some teams to pay the players on their own expense while some even decided to call it quits.

According to the contract, each team will receive $400,000. The payment will be paid in installment per split, meaning $200,000 in two splits. 15 teams are included in the league, which means that they will be pushing out almost $6,000,000 excluding the promotions and the talents and casters.

Social media was quick after the announcement. Some were surprised that the league even took the risk of this magnitude.

Some expressed their sadness for the players who had to sacrifice a lot for the league.

The Reason it Failed

The league from the very start was a hit or miss situation. Twin Galaxies and H1Z1 paid a lot of money just for the league. They even brought talents to tag along and help the community grow.

That’s where everything went downhill. There was simply no one interested in the league at all. The peak viewers of the league only went as high as six thousand average viewers. That’s a lot, but is it enough to keep a million dollar league alive in the long run?

It also has something to do with the fact that the battle royale genre is oversaturated already, with Fortnite already dominating the charts.

It’s safe to assume that the only thing that could’ve saved the league was that H1Z1 had to revolutionize the battle royale genre, which they failed to deliver right from the start.