NBPA-ReadyUp Partnership Allows NBA Players to Become Gaming Streamers

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) has recently signed a deal with am app that will allow National Basketball Association (NBA) players to stream their games online.

ReadyUp, the streaming app behind the partnership, will allow NBA players to notify their followers via their app if they will be streaming. The fans will then get to interact and watch their favorite NBA players duke it out in any game, whether it be a MOBA or an action-packed battle royale game.

According to Michelle Roberts, the executive director of NBPA, most NBA players are playing video games and that it will be a good business venture if they can increase their reach among esports enthusiast.  “an exciting new way to connect with their fans, based on their shared passion for video games and esports while creating new content and distribution channels for our business partners.” she said, per the esportsobserver.

The app will be creating a feature called smart calendar which lets the NBA players have an advance notice that will notify the fans that they will be playing, giving fans prior notice will increase their viewers who will look forward to the stream.

As of now, no NBA players have yet committed to the app. The first wave of players will be announced soon.

NBA and the world of esports

several personalities in the NBA have shown strong interest when it comes to esports. In fact, many players have already invested in the rising industry.

Rick Fox, a former NBA player, is known for investing heavily in esports. He is the founder of Echo Fox, one of the biggest esports team in North America right now. Some NBA players like Stephen Curry have invested their own share in an esports team.

While some invested a lot, many just like to play the game. Gordon Hayward is one good example of this. He is not just a strong basketball player, but he is also strong in League of Legends, even defending the video game in an interview with Colin Cowherd. Now that’s dedication!

The deal hopefully does wonders for the NBA players who will be involved. The problem of traditional sports is the lack of interaction between them and the fans. Hopefully this newest partnership will solidify their fan base even more. After all, who doesn’t like video games?