Red Dead Redemption 2: Guide to hunting Legendary Animals

Hunting is an essential part of survival in Red Dead Redemption 2 due to it being a source of food and materials to craft outfits and talismans to improve the playable character’s main attributes. Aside from all the usual prey however, you will also sometimes encounter Legendary Animals which can also be hunted down – but with much more difficulty.

Should you take down some of these Legendary Animals, they will yield materials that can craft some of the game’s best outfits and accessories, along with rare pelts that can be turned in to the local Trappers and Fences for other rare in-game goodies.

Knowing where to find your quarry is half the hunt already, read on to find out where to find the game’s rarest prey. But be warned, some of these beasts are not to be so easily trifled with, and you can become the hunted just as easily…


Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

Location: The Legendary Grizzly Bear is the first Legendary Animal that players will encounter during the Chapter 2 story mission “Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego.” While it’s possible to take down the bear at this point of the game, doing so will be extremely dangerous. You can focus on being more prepared for the hunt then return for it later with better firepower. The Bear can be found in Grizzlies East, north of the lake O’creah’s Run.

Legendary Beaver

Location: This rare beaver usually wanders in an area southwest of Butcher Creek, directly to the west of the Van Horn Trading Post. While it is not necessarily dangerous, the beaver will be harder to trap compared to the other bigger rare animals.

Legendary Boar

Location: This rare boar can be found among the brush in the Bluewater Marsh, north of the Lagras in the Lemoyne region. Pouncing on it from behind is the best and safest way to take this beast down.

Legendary Bighorn Ram

Location: When you find yourself by Cattail Pond, just west of Valentine–the first town you come across in Chapter 2– look out for the namesake of this ram, it will be hard to be miss. Be careful though, they are not just for display.

Legendary Pronghorn

Location: This rare antelope can be seen around the Rio Del Lobo Rock, just east of Fort Mercer in New Austin. It’s unusually quick and elusive, make sure to set some traps before you face it.

Legendary Buck

Location: This large buck can be found in the mountains northwest of Strawberry. Try to take it down quickly, it can become very aggressive.

Legendary Moose

Location: This massive moose can be encountered in the vicinity of Roanoke Ridge, in the northeast. This one can become very aggressive very quickly too, plan well before trying to take it down.

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Legendary Elk

Location: This rare elk wanders in the north, east of Bacchus Station in the Ambarino region. Be prepared to tackle not only the hunt itself, but the elements as well.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

Location: The first of the game’s two rare bison can be seen in New Austin, southeast of the MacFarlane ranch at Hennigan’s Stead. This beast is beefy and can be hard to take down quickly.

Legendary White Bison

Location: The other rare bison is at Lake Isabella, north of Mount Hagen in Grizzlies West. It’s much more elusive and dangerous than the Tatanka Bison, be prepared.

Legendary Wolf

Location: The rare wolf is one of the most elusive rare animals in the game. It can be usually found in Cotorra Springs, west of Bacchus Bridge in Ambarino. However, it is even more dangerous than it is elusive, take it down before it takes you down. It can and it will.

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Legendary Fox

Location: This very sneaky and elusive fox can be found near Mattock Pond, north of Rhodes in the Lemoyne region. Make sure to grab it quickly, it will be hard to find again should it get away.

Legendary Coyote

Location: This rare and dangerous coyote hunts in the Scarlett Meadows, northwest of Rhodes and Southeast of the Old Mill. Don’t let it get the jump on you.

Legendary Cougar

Location: This rare cougar stalks in the shadows of Gaptooth Ridge, west of Tumbleweed. Be careful that it won’t end up hunting you instead.

Legendary Bullgator

Location: To find this rare beast you first need to complete the Chapter 4 story mission “Country Pursuits,” which gives you a glimpse of the bullgator and why it’s so dangerous. You will then be able to encounter it in Bayou Nwa, west of Lakay–which is north of Saint Denis. Being caught by its massive jaws means instant death, don’t take this one lightly.

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Legendary Giaguaro Panther

Location: To encounter perhaps the most dangerous rare animal in the game, players first need to prove themselves as hunters by reaching the rank 9 challenge for Master Hunter. Afterwards, it can be found roaming west of Shady Belle in Lemoyne, east of Braithwaite Manor. You will need a lot of luck and skill to find this one, and even more to take it down.

Happy hunting!