Red Dead Redemption 2 improves on everything from its predecessor

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) has been one of the most anticipated game releases of the year, largely due to the critical success of its predecessor. The first installment of RDR was hailed for its beautiful open-world environment, exciting gameplay, and gripping story. How does the sequel stack up?

Let’s start with the graphics, one of the biggest factors for many players nowadays. While RDR was hailed for its rich visual representation of the Wild West, RDR2 takes it even further with better contrasts in colors and sharper details, among others. This is perhaps most evident whenever there is a sunset in-game, even if it’s all just a video game the view is spectacular.

Check out this comparison video from ElAnalistDeBits to see for yourself:

RDR2’s graphics also help to set the tone for the game, as the sequel will be dealing with more serious matters and taking on a darker and more depressing tone compared to the original.

Which brings us to the story, while events in RDR2, set in 1899, take place before those of the original in 1911, it’s not necessarily a prequel. Even if the protagonist in the first installment, John Marston, appears in RDR2, it doesn’t focus squarely on him. If anything, the game will not be filling in the gaps of Marston’s history, but will rather trace the reasons why he ended up the way he did in the first game.

RDR2’s main character, Arthur Morgan, will instead be the representative of the Western ‘outlaw’ lifestyle in the face of a rapidly modernizing society at the time. As a member of a ragtag gang living at the fringes of civilization, Morgan and his posse are far from the glorified personas often seen in Western stories.

While qualities such as honor and loyalty are often key tenets in any Western hero, we will instead be witnessing how these qualities matter little among Morgan and his compatriots as their gang is torn apart, not just literally.

The original installment was applauded for its depth in terms of gameplay, graphics, and story, something rare in games nowadays, and it seems as if RDR2 will be going even deeper.