LoL Worlds 2018: North America faces setback; KT Rolster continues dominance

LoL Worlds 2018

Doublelift failed to make it out of the groups for the 8th consecutive time, while KT Rolster continue their journey. We take a look at all the action from day.

Team Liquid(NA LCS) vs KT Rolster(LCK)

Team Liquid were looking for some kind of upset coming into this game. Both teams drafted a standard composition with hyper carries for both the AD Carry. KT Rolster were in control of the game from the beginning, taking turrets and putting Team Liquid in the back seat. Team Liquid had some moments where they looked like they could make a comeback but KT Rolster never dropped the ball and winning the game. Deft wore the carry pants with a KDA of 6/0/3.

Edward Gaming(LPL) vs MAD Team(LMS)

Last time both teams met it was a one-sided game with EDG winning comfortably. This game followed a similar trajectory where the game began on an even page and slowly turning in favour of EDG. MAD Team traded some early kills with EDG but as the game progressed EDG’s late-game composure started to come to light. A fight broke out near the Baron pit where EDG wiped out Mad Team and went on to close the game. Both Ray and iboy had an impressive showings with a KDA of 8/1/14 and 11/2/11, respectively.

Team Liquid(NA LCS) vs MAD Team(LMS)

Team Liquid needed a win to stay in the race for quarterfinals. MAD Team drafted an early game comp with Jayce for Liang in the top lane. MAD Team, however, failed to make an early game impact with Team Liquid getting some early kills. This quickly snowballed into a massive lead for Team Liquid as they closed out the game comfortably. Doublelift finally came up big having a KDA of 5/0/3.

Edward Gaming(LPL) vs KT Rolster(LCK)

It was the most anticipated game of the day as both teams were looking to seal the top spot. KT Rolster opted for a more standard draft with Sion in the top lane and Swain in the mid lane whereas EDG went for more aggressive draft with Urgot and  Akali. The game was dead even until mid game where a team fight swung in favour of EDG heavily. Ray on Urgot had an amazing performance executing Deft every time. The game ended with EDG taking down KT Rolster and Ray having a KDA of 7/1/10.

Edward Gaming(LPL) vs Team Liquid(NA LCS)

Already been eliminated in the tournament, Team Liquid came to the game guns blazing. The game began on an even pace with EDG trying to get the advantage in lane. Team Liquid, however, played to their style dragging the game into team fights where they excelled. Team Liquid then pressed the lead eventually closing the game. Doublelift won his second MVP of the day with a KDA of 7/0/5.

MAD Team(LMS) vs KT Rolster(LCK)

MAD Team had already been eliminated while a win will guarantee KT Rolster the top spot. Things looked good initially as Lian grabbed the first blood in the top lane. That didn’t matter much as KT Rolster looked in control of the game from the beginning, not giving Mad Team any chance. Deft got insanely ahead on Kai’Sa as he rolled over the MAD Team line up for an ace and hence winning the game. He ended the game with impressive KDA of 8/0/2.

KT Rolster and Edward Gaming qualified from Group C for next round as No 1 and No 2 seeds, respectively.