Killjoy? Twitch streamer gets shut after showing highly anticipated Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Twitch recently shut down a live streamer’s broadcast when he streamed to his many subscribers the yet to be released Fallout 76 gameplay on the platform.

Guilty party ‘Time2Purge’ was one of the entities who was able to stress test the aforementioned game that is the latest offering from the massively famous Fallout series.

Apparently, he streamed the game live in the platform for all to see at a time when there’s still a content embargo, a violation which in effect, prompted Twitch to shut down his channel.

After the channel was shut down, Time2Purge aired his anger on the event citing that someone reported him and his stream.

“Due to powers beyond my command, and some d*ckw*d reporting me, I’ve just been told I’m being shut down,” the streamer said. “Thanks for watching everyone! And to that d*ckw*d: go s*ck a d*ck! You just ruined it for everyone.”

To those who are interested to view the gameplay, it seems the footage is still accessible on Twitch.

Fallout 76 is due to release on November 14.

Photo credit: Fallout 76 Facebook page