LoL Worlds 2018: Gen.G finally gets a win and all the action from day 3

LoL World Championship

Day 3 of the LoL Worlds just wrapped up and the action was no less than the previous days. This day, however, had more stable results than the previous one with top teams finally getting in the groove. We take a look at all the results from Day 3 of the 2018 Worlds.KT Rolster vs MAD Gaming-

KT Rolster is the only South Korean team to get a win in the tournament so far. They came into this match as heavy favourites with MAD Team not showing much in their previous game. Score got Smeb rolling in the top lane getting him some early advantage. Smeb then played around the lead putting MAD Team in an uncomfortable zone.

Ucal once again was a beast in the mid lane as he dominated the game. KT Rolster slowly went too ahead of MAD Team as they eventually closed the game giving MAD no chance. Ucal had an impressive scoreline of 6/0/5.

Team Liquid vs Edward Gaming-

Team Liquid came into this game in search of their first victory and keeping their knockout stage hopes alive. Edward Gaming just came off a victory and was looking to capitalize further. Team Liquid, much to their style, drafted a composition around Doublelift giving him Kai’Sa. EDG responded by picking an aggressive bottom lane in the form of Lucian and Alistair. EDG gained some initial advantage in the bottom lane forcing Team Liquid to play passively. This resulted in TL playing from behind and they never recovered from it.

A team fight broke around dragon pit and although Team Liquid secured the Drake they lost 4 members in the process. After that Tl kept looking for skirmishes but always came short. EDG eventually got too ahead and Team Liquid had to face their second loss of the tournament. Scout was phenomenal on Azir ending the game with the KDA of4/0/11.

Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming-

Probably the most anticipated match of the day Invictus Gaming vs Fnatic was a complete kill fest. Probably one of the best two mid-laners in the tournament facing each other, the match began with a high tempo. Instead of the focus in mid lane, IG decided to play through bot lane and they succeeded as Jackylove got the first blood.

After that IG constantly forced Fanatic in fighting them where the former always came on top. Soaz had a good play around the baron pit where he single-handedly stopped IG from getting Baron.

This didn’t matter much as IG eventually took the Baron and closed the game. Despite the mid lane focus from both teams, Jackylove was the real performer as he had monstrous KDA of 11/1/8.

100 thieves vs G-Rex-

After a disappointing start to Worlds for both 100 Thieves and G-Rex, both teams were looking for some kind of redemption. 100 Thieves tried to make some early plays and they were rewarded with a small advantage. Both teams went back and forth exchanging kills.

100 thieves team composition really started to shine later in team fights as they cleaned G-Rex. Rikara was insanely ahead and was pumping out some crazy damage. 100 Thieves came triumphant and this was mostly due to their star player Aphromoo who had a very good game on Tresh.

Royal Never Give up vs Team Vitality-

RNG came into this match looking to cement the top spot in the group and Vitality came looking for another upset. The game was pretty dead even mid-way through where RNG started to shine. The game was not really about UZI but instead, Karsa was the superstar today. His Gragas was on point leaving Vitality with no opportunities.

Letme was another great performer of the day doing a lot of work on Urgot. In the end, RNG had a comfortable victory which lends them the top spot in the group.

Gen.G vs Cloud 9-

Gen.G had their worst ever start to a World Championship. Going into the match 0-2, they were desperate for a win. Cloud 9, on the other hand, was looking for an upset. Both the teams started the game on a slow tempo opting for a more passive playstyle. Gen.G finally looked like a top tier team pushing Cloud 9 to the edge. Both teams traded some kills early in the game but it was Gen.G who came on top after most of the fights.

Ruler on Lucian snowballed the game to the point where Cloud 9 fell under a large deposit. Every player on Gen.G seemed on the same page which is a good sign going forward in the tournament. Gen.G finally got their first victory in the tournament and would be looking to continue the run.

Takeaway from day 3

Top teams are finally performing up to their potential and would like to continue on this form.