Watch Arsenal star Mesut Ozil win a Fortnite game during his first ever Twitch stream


Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is the latest athlete to dig into video game streaming. The former World Cup winner streamed some games of Fortnite on his new Twitch account and was joined by his fellow Arsenal teammate Saed Kolasinac for his maiden stream.

Ozil had over 30,000 viewers which is a huge number. He streamed for almost two hours ending the stream with a stylish Victory Royale similar to his playing style in football.

Earlier this week he had posted on Instagram regarding his new Twitch channel where he appreciated the help he received from the developers of the famous streaming website.

He, of course, isn’t new to video games. Back in August, he revealed his plans to form a new eSports organisation which will primarily be focused on FIFA 19. He definitely would be looking to expand his horizons with other video game titles too.

The Arsenal star made a shocking retirement from the international scene after a poor World Cup alleging the German football association (DFB) of being racist and judgemental. This obviously has spared him with some free time during the ongoing international break.

eSports the next big thing?

Mesut Ozil isn’t the first footballer to stream video games as his North London rival Delle Ali of Tottenham Hotspur took to the platform a few months ago. Many big sports personalities have invested in eSports in recent times. This includes teams like PSG, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers having their own eSports organisations while the Premier League has tied up with EA Sports to bring out an ePremier League.

Big names like Ronaldo Lima and Alvaro Arbeloa have also invested in eSports industry highlighting the potential of the booming Industry and its expected significance in the coming years.

This is a very major bump for Fortnite, as well, considering Ozil is a big name in the footballing world. This will help in popularising the addictive game even more across the globe.

You can catch the full action from Ozil’s stream here: