LoL Worlds 2018: South Korean misery continues and all the Day 2 action

LoL Worlds

We just witnessed the Day 2 action of LOL Worlds and like Day 1,it was full of ups and downs.  This year, the tournament really seems like an open race and anyone can win it. We take a look at all the results from Day 2 of the 2018 Worlds.

Flash Wolves vs Afreeca Freecs

After a disappointing loss in Day 1, Afreeca Freecs looked to bounce back against Flash Wolves. Flash Wolves, however, were having none of it as they stomped the game and handed Afreeca Freecs their second loss.

Flash Wolves drafted a similar team composition to day 1 with double tanks in the solo lanes whereas Afreeca tried to enable Kiin to carry by giving him Akali. Things didn’t pan out for Afreeca Freecs as they failed to gain any major advantage in laning phase and Flash Wolves simply had a better team fight composition.

As the game progressed Afreeca fell even further behind and Flash Wolves just pressed their advantage.

In a Baron fight deep into the game Flash Wolves Betty got 3 kills in exchange of none. This really was the final nail in the coffin as Flash Wolves soon ended the game with Baron Buff. Betty was the main threat in the Flash Wolves line up having a KDA of 8/0/2.

Phong Vu Buffalo vs G2 Esports

G2 really had a massive result on Day 1 when they took down Afreeca Freecs.

Phong Vu Buffalo, on the other hand, didn’t show much on the opener as they were pretty much outclassed by Flash Wolves.

G2 came into this match looking to cement their spot into knockout stage but PVB denied them making yet another upset.

This victory really was the result of G2 playing super casual as they were caught out multiple times resulting in PVB lead. Jankos in particular really had a questionable game as he died several times making some irrational plays. It got to a point where the AD Carry of PVB BigKoro really got ahead of the curve as he smashed G2.

Zeros who is usually the carry for PVB in the domestic league reverted to playing semi-tank which allowed BigKoro to do all the work. Several misplays led to Baron buff for PVB and they closed the game with BigKoro having a KDA of 10/1/4.

Fnatic vs 100 Thieves

After weeks of hype surrounding Fnatic and their mid-laner Caps, Fnatic finally got to play their first match of 2018 Worlds against 100 Thieves.

The match quickly became one-sided as Fnatic smashed 100 Thieves showing everyone why they are to be feared.

The match was all about Caps in the mid lane as he got 5 solo kills(tied for the most in Worlds history). His Irelia pick really snowballed out of the game giving 100 Thieves no chance.

100 Thieves did have Ssumday winning the lane on the top side but it hardly mattered as he was on a tank duty.

The game was quickly over and Caps finished the game with a KDA of 8/0/2.

Invictus Gaming vs G-Rex-

Another game where the Mid laner stole the show, Invictus Gaming came into this game as heavy favourites and they delivered upon the expectations.

The game had a slow start as both teams opted to play safe. Things started to turn around quickly as IG dove the bottom lane of G-Rex gaining some momentum.

G-Rex responded with few quick kills but it was not enough to salvage the situation as Zac pick from Ning really came huge in team fights. Rookie, the mid laner for IG, got insanely fed on Irelia and the game was pretty much over.

Rookie was the MVP of the game ending it with a KDA of 6/0/6.

Cloud 9 vs Team Vitality-

Vitality was the other team to get a massive result on Day 1 by defeating defending champions Gen.G whereas Cloud 9 were pretty much run down by RNG.

Vitality came into this game looking to solidify their position in the group but they had to face the loss.

The game was extremely back and forth with both teams having some share of control over the period of game. Jiizuke Leblanc became a major threat as he got insanely fed picking up members of Cloud 9 left and right. Cloud 9 was able to delay the game by trading an Elder Drake for a Baron Buff which allowed them to mitigate the overall damage.

They then were able to find a pick on Jiizuke when he tried to snipe Svenskeren resulting in a second Elder Drake and a Baron Buff for Cloud 9. With the Double Buff, Cloud 9 was able to close the game breaking the hearts of Vitality fans.

Jensen was rock solid in the mid lane and played very well even when his team fell behind.


Defending World Champions vs Tournament favourites – this was the match everyone was looking forward to.

Gen.G had a surprise loss on Day 1 whereas RNG had a comfortable victory against  Cloud 9.

The game didn’t have a lot of action early in the game with both teams playing passively. Karsa got a pretty decent gank in the top lane but Cuvee got out with a sliver of health.

Both the teams then traded few kills but nothing major happened. As the game progressed Cuvee started to gain some advantage on Camille destroying turrets in the side lanes.

The game looked pretty close until Letme decided to make a huge game-changing play by diving the tier 2 turret to get to Ruler who had no defence spells available at that time.  Xiaohu was able to kill Ruler and in a blip of a second RNG closed the game leaving Gen.G shocked.

Takeaway from Day 2

This is the first time South Korean teams went 1-4 in the group stage and it would be interesting to see if the can bounce back on day 3.

Photo credit: League of Legends Facebook Page