Manchester United, Chelsea to headline the newly formed ePremier League

ePremier League

Premier League has taken its partnership with EA Sports to the next level, by collaborating for an eSports competition by the name- ePremier League (ePL).

When the world’s most popular football league and the world’s most popular video game come together, there is a lot for fans to cheer about. That is exactly what the Premier League and Electronic Arts have done, by combining the thrill of the PL to that of FIFA 19.

ePL will take place over the first three months of 2019 (January-March). For its inaugural competition, the organisers have opened the registrations for only UK-based players. However, a decent turnout can lead to the participation parameters being expanded in the future.

For now, however, the selected players will have to make it through three rounds of the fan-favourite digital game, FIFA to win the ePL title. All twenty Premier League clubs will be involved in the process, as well.

The first round will be an online qualification round, in which registered players will be pitted against each other in a knockout format. The online qualifier round will determine sixteen club playoff finalists from PS4 and Xbox One each.

Each of the twenty Premier League clubs will get a chance to take sixteen players forward from both platforms, meaning a total of six hundred and forty players will be available for round two.

The second round will be a club playoff round, in which each club will pit the gamers against one another to identify the two best amongst them. As a result, Six hundred gamers will be sent packing at this stage, while only forty making it to the finals. The finals will be played on March 28-29, 2019 in London.

Premier League is not the first sporting competition to have announced a corresponding eSports league. In fact, there are prevailing digital leagues for MLS, Bundesliga, and FIFA as a whole, amongst other.

Speaking to the Premier League website, Todd Sitrin, SVP and GM of the EA Competitive Gaming Division, hailed the initiative and said that it gives fans an opportunity to follow their team on both the virtual and the traditional pitch.

Along with the widely popular FPL, the Premier League will add another virtual competition to its roster. And going by the current eSports surge, it can expected to be yet another hit.

Photo credit: Premier League official Twitter account