Fortnite: Battle Royale announces $8 million ‘Summer Skirmish’ tournament series

Fortnite: Battle Royale developers Epic Games has announced a new tournament series, the Summer Skirmish Series, which features an $8 million total prize pool that will take place over the course of eight weeks.

As perhaps the first tournament series slated for Fortnite’s $100 million competitive season, the Summer Skirmish will feature a variety of Fortnite competitions, kicking off with a duos invitational with a $250 thousand prize pot.

The duos invitational will only run for the first week.  However, each week of the Summer Skirmish will feature a different tournament format from the rest.

Invitations for the first competition have already been sent out, with more details set to be released at a later date. According to Epic’s announcement, “participants will be made up of community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess.”

There has been no word on how other players can qualify for future competitions, as of writing.

Earlier this year, Epic announced that it would shell out a whopping $100 million in prize money for the first year of Fortnite’s foray into esports competitions. At the game’s Celebrity Pro-Am tournament at E3, a majority of the prize money was set to fund the Fortnite World Cup, which is set to hold qualifiers around September. The rest of the money will be distributed to events at all levels of competition.

The Summer Skirmish will be a far cry from Fortnite’s earlier attempts at fostering competitive play, as the ‘Solo Showdown’ mode released earlier this year only rewarded winners with in-game currency.

While the $8 million allotted for the Summer Skirmish is only a mere fraction of the $100 million Epic boasted for Fortnite’s first big year in esports, it may prove to be as good a start as any.

(Image courtesy of Epic Games)

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