League of Legends’ main channel breaks Twitch’s 1 billion views record

The official channel of Riot Games, the developer behind the massively popular multiplayer-online battle arena (MOBA) and esport title League of Legends (LOL), has made history by being the first channel to hit one billion total views on Twitch.

This milestone was reached in the midst of the League Championship Series in Europe and North America, as the main “Riot Games” Twitch channel is the official source for the English broadcasts for the NA/EU LCS, World Championship, Mid Season Invitational, and other LOL events and tournaments.

LOL is one of the most popular games of all time, alongside being one of the biggest titles in the esports industry. Despite being released way back in 2009, the game still has one of the biggest and most passionate communities in esports.

The game has even lead esports in its bid for Olympic recognition by appearing as a demonstration event in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

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Due to the game’s popularity, its developer’s channel has long been one of the most popular channels on Twitch, with almost three million followers and a record-setting number of views.

To put those figures into perspective, Riot Games’ numbers are over double of its nearest competitor on the Twitch leaderboard.

The main League of Legends channel, “Riot Games” stands head and shoulders above all others on the Twitch leaderboard. Image courtesy of SocialBlade.

While LOL’s numbers are already staggering enough, it will still build upon its record as the current competitive season is still in full swing. The 2018 World Championship is still to come too, and the game’s viewership by then would surely inflate.

Even if LOL has long sustained its place as one of esports’ top titles, Riot is still making moves to push its game back into the industry’s forefront. Alongside broadcasting the LCS through its Twitch channel, Riot has also penned a deal with ESPN to broadcast the NA LCS through ESPN+.

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