Former esports caster, game critic ‘Totalbiscuit’ dies at 33

John Peter Bain, more commonly known as his online alias, ‘Totalbiscuit,’ has passed away on May 24 at 33, his wife Genna Bain announced on Twitter.



Bain was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. The cancer went into remission but later returned, spreading to his liver and his spine. Bain continued to critique games on his YouTube channel even after formally announcing his condition in October 2015.

He announced his retirement from games criticism due to his failing health in April this year.

Bain first gained popularity from 2010 as an esports commentator and host for Starcraft II and Planetside 2. He also became known for his game critiques on YouTube, particularly for his affinity and support for indie titles.

He was also known as a vocal consumer advocate in the games industry, having gone against high-profile publishers in the past for questionable practices multiple times.

Bain is survived by his spouse, Genna, and adopted son, Orion.

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