Cavaliers Legion, Pistons GT shine in 2K League’s Tipoff tournament

The Cavaliers Legion GC and Pistons GT came up strong in the NBA 2K League’s inaugural tournament, The Tipoff, and will advance into the next round.

Cavs Legion star Brandon ‘Hood is Glitchy’ Hood shined with monstrous performances in the league’s first day.

With 10 seconds left in regulation, Cavaliers Legion GC point-forward Brandon ‘Hood is Glitchy’ Hood brought the ball up to half court, drove in and collapsed the defense, then kicked the pass out to his teammate, Jerry ‘Sick’ Knapp, for the corner three as the clock winded down. Swish.

The Cavaliers Legion win a nail-biter against Kings Guard Gaming, 76-73.

While LeBron James led his Cavs to an overtime win against the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Playoffs, the Cavaliers Legion, led by Hood (yep, not Rodney Hood) put on a show in the NBA 2K League’s inaugural tournament, The Tipoff. Hood seemed to be channeling James, posting a monster statline himself with 41 points and 8 assists.

The Cavaliers Legion is one of the four teams in Group A of the tournament, alongside the Kings Guard, the Pistons GT, and Bucks Gaming. The teams faced off against each other on Tuesday to determine who will move on to the next round.

The Pistons GT squared up against Bucks Gaming in the first ever game of the 2K League, a scrappy, low-scoring affair where the Pistons prevailed, 49-44. The Pistons followed it up with a thriller win against the Kings Guard, 62-61.

The Bucks tried to bounce back with a thriller win in its match against Cleveland in OT, 57-53, but ultimately failed to qualify for the next round, as they were edged out by the Kings Guard in their matchup that also went to OT, 78-76.

In the marquee matchup of the day, Hood shone again by dropping 46 points as the Cavs Legion rolled over the Pistons, 86-59.

Both teams finished with a 2-1 record and will advance to the next round.

Standings for Day 1. Image courtesy of NBA 2K League Twitter.

The Cavs Legion might have found their own LeBron in Hood, even if he was only the 11th pick in the 2K League Draft. The point-forward lit it up from everywhere, averaging 36.6 points per game and establishing himself as one of the 2K League’s first breakout stars.

Brandon ‘Hood is Glitchy’ Hood. Image courtesy of NBA 2K League Twitter.

The tournament will continue until Saturday. You can catch the action on the league’s official Twitch channel.