Fortnite’s comet brings map changes for Season 4

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 kicked off with a bang, as the long rumored comet impact brought dramatic changes, with new zones and a game-changing consumable that grant players a significant advantage over their enemies.

As the smoke cleared, Fortnite players found the map drastically changed, as the long-awaited comet finally crashed into the map, just not where most people expected it to. Instead of the oft-contested Tilted Towers, as rumors purported, the comet instead slammed into Dusty Depot, destroying the entire area and leaving an enormous crater in its wake.

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The impact site is now called the ‘Dusty Divot,’ complete with a recovery camp set up in the middle and helicopters circling overhead, and will surely be the newest hotspot in the map thanks to the addition of a new resource in the area.

The comet apparently brought with it an alien material that has been affectionately called ‘Hop Rocks,’ as players who consume them will somehow be able to defy gravity, leap well-above the battlefield, and bound across the map as if in low gravity.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.

The comet did not spare other areas from its devastation, however, as smaller impact craters have also been seen in other areas, like the prison and at Tilted Towers.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.

Epic also updated other areas of the map as well, most notable is the addition of Risky Reels, the drive-in movie area shown in the Season 4 trailer above. The new area is located northeast of Dusty Divot, nearby the Wailing Woods in a previously uninhabited zone. Since there’s a drive-in theater in the map now, Moisty Mires has also been partially converted into a film set to apparently facilitate movie production for the theater.

Interestingly, superhero and supervillain bases also sprung up in opposite sides of the map. The superhero base sits on the west near the Lonely Lodge, while the supervillain base, complete with a missile silo, menaces over the Snobby Shores in the northeast. A secret bunker hideout under the blue house in Salty Springs has also been found.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.

The full impact of the comet, and the sweeping changes to the map it brought with it, remains to be seen. But for now, Fortnite players have all new areas to fight over, and that’s arguably the most fun part.