Chaos Theory joins the ranks of Clash Royale League Asia

Hand-picked by developer Supercell, 12 pro esports teams from Asia will compete in the official Asian league for a total champion benefit of $1 mil USD at the World Finals, Chaos Theory is now one of them.

Mobile game developer Supercell today kicked off the Spring Season of the Clash Royale League (CRL) Asia in Taipei, Taiwan. Held from April 27 – late November, the Clash Royale League Asia will feature Singapore-born professional esports team Chaos Theory, and an additional 11 teams from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Korea. Each team will compete in the League with a roster of 4 to 6 players.

Unlike previous tournaments held by Supercell, the CRL will feature a pro league structure, with an emphasis on team play, rather than the best individual players. Chaos Theory’s roster for CRL Asia includes: 18-year old Adam “yugi art” Robbana (USA), 20-year old Fransiskus “JayTV” Ananda Wijaya (Indonesia), 18-year old Mohammad “Trainer Dexterz” Fabian (Indonesia) and 19-year old Ray “RayBagus” Bagus (Indonesia), selected by Chaos Theory’s co-founders Drew Holt-Kentwell and Hai Ng.

“It’s incredible how quickly Clash Royale gained ground since its launch in 2016,” Holt-Kentwell said.

“As the esports ecosystem expands aggressively to increasingly feature competitive mobile gaming, Supercell’s efforts to set up a global Clash Royale League to empower talented players is commendable and exciting for the scene.

“Chaos Theory is thrilled to put a team together to compete alongside other top teams at Clash Royale League Asia, and we look forward to using this opportunity to groom young talent from around the world, and allow them to shine in a highly competitive league such as this one.”

The total champion benefit for both the regional leagues and the World Finals of the CRL is fixed at 1 million USD. Teams who participate in CRL Asia will compete via a round-robin format over the course of two seasons for a share of the 0.2 million USD league champion benefit. The top regular season teams will then advance to the playoffs to compete for a spot in the World Finals to be held in the winter of 2018.

Chaos Theory is a professional esports team with roots at the heart of South-east Asia. Proudly headquartered in Singapore, the team was established with the goal of pioneering truly professional team esports in the region, championing the best practices in commitment to play, sportsmanship, brand marketing, social media, partner relations, and the development of esports in South-east Asia as a whole.