Starcraft II Neeb and Lambo in WESG top-16 list

Kelazhur and Neeb became the leaders of the group H and with that they finalized the list of the participants of the second group stage.

Neeb proved his favourite status, as the champion of WESG 2017 Americas Finals. His Protoss army failed only once, in the game against Kelazhur.

The decisive match for the last ticket to the group stage two was played between Kelazhur and Lambo. The German player, Lambo starts with the flawless victory on the first map but then failed against an early game push with Hellbats and Cyclone.

On the third map Kelazhur tried the same push, but Lambo was ready for that. He easily defended his main base and then just destroyed all he saw on his way to the next group stage.

Results of the group H:

Kelazhur 2 : 0 Drager

Neeb 2 : 0 Lambo

Neeb 2 : 1 Kelazhur

Lambo 2 : 0 Drager

Neeb 2 : 0 Drager

Lambo 2 : 1 Kelazhur

2nd-day winners:

Group E – Dark and uThermal

Group F – Classic and Reynor

Group G – Maru and Elazer

Group H – Neeb and Lambo


Article Source and Photo Credit: World Electronic Sports Games

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