Neeb wins WESG 2017 Americas Finals

The final match of WESG 2017 Americas Finals in StarCraft II discipline was held in the Best-of-7 format. Protoss Neeb and Terran SpeCial both made a huge work to get to the top but only one could rise up the main trophy.

Players had not met each other too often, the last match in the middle of 2017 at WCS 2017 Valencia ended with 3:2 for SpeCial. The final match at WESG 2017 AM starts with map exchange: SpeCial won the first one and then Neeb took the second one and makes tie 1:1.

On the 3rd map, SpeCial made one extra hidden factory, that Neeb did not find. That helps him to make more cyclones and destroy Neeb’s defense. But the advantage in the match was not very long, Neeb took the next map and make tie 2:2.

After 5th map, Neeb took advantage in the match for the first time 3:2. And then took a great victory on the 6th and the last map. With 4:2 score Neeb became a new WESG 2017 Americas Champion. He earned $15,000 while SpeCial got $7,500 for 2nd place.

Results of the StarCraft II discipline at the WESG 2017 Americas Finals:

1 place Neeb $15,000 + GF spot
2 place SpeCial $7,500 + GF spot
3 place Kelazhur $4,000 + GF spot
4 place Scarlett $2,500 + GF spot
5-6 place puCK and Jonsnow $1,500 + GF spot
7 place Semper $1,500 + GF spot
8 place JimRising $1,500
9-12 place eGGz, egg, CatZ, Halfbreed $1,500