Meet… Chaos Theory’s LOL beauties

Timothy Wee Timothy Wee

We tag along with team Chaos Theory’s all-female League of Legends (LOL) team recently for a rejuvenating chat.

Being an esports athlete is hard work.

Not only do pro-gamers have to deal with overwhelming mental strain and mind games at tournaments, they also have to face up to the physical tolls of actual gaming.

Singapore’s top professional Street Fighter champion Xian, a member of Team Razer, famously said that “I definitely think what we do is equivalent to sport… We are training just as much as sportspeople train.”

And this is a view that is shared by Singapore’s very first professional esports team, Chaos Theory!

Founded by Drew Holt-Kentwell and managed by Zanthel Tan, the Singapore-based esports team provides full employment benefits such as private healthcare coverage for both their Overwatch and LOL teams.

ICYMI, we previously hung out with Avik – the ‘big brother’ of the Overwatch team.

So this time around, we join the beauties of Chaos Theory’s LOL team at their scheduled physiotherapy session.

Despite their young age, Chaos Theory’s LOL team boasts a wealth of regional tournament experience.

The six-member strong #girlsquad, formerly known as Battle Bunnies, consists of team captain Ke Xin “bunnosaur” Zhang and remaining members Su Yun “bunnysu” Lim, Jia Hui “Araxie” Chan, Bernice “aesteria” Ngiam, Mei Yu “Lyris” Tan and Lin Lin “Astrid” Ong.

From L-R,: Su Yun “bunnysu” Lim; Jia Hui “Araxie” Chan; Bernice “aesteria” Ngiam; Ke Xin “bunnosaur” Zhang; Mei Yu “Lyris” Tan; Lin Lin “Astrid” Ong.

Tell us about your earliest video game memory.

aesteria: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games

Bunnysu: Spyro on Playstation

Tell us about the LOL team’s origin story.

Astrid: We met each other through the Female Singapore League back in April 2017 when we were randomly placed together into a team. LOL is a very interactive game as you can meet many new people and even make new friends from there.

Biggest difference between being a casual gamer and a professional one?

Lyris: As professional gamers, we all have a goal set in mind. The feeling of playing professionally is different than simply playing games for fun as well.

What do you enjoy most about being a professional gamer?

Bunnysu: Playing in a team is the most enjoyable thing of all. This is because doing things together is always more fun and having people whom you feel close to can make playing the game so much more fun!

What is the most common misconception about being a professional gamer?

aesteria: That playing games all day is easy!

Has the eSports industry been as welcoming to female gamers as their male counterparts?

Bunnosaur: So far, the industry has been kind to us. Chaos Theory’s support and their endorsement of our abilities as a full-fledged professional team has definitely helped!

Proudest gaming achievement to date?

Bunnosaur: Being the first runner up for the Singapore Female League!

Do you all have your own unique individual and team pre-game ritual?

aesteria: None of us listen to music while playing because it would hinder our communication during team trainings. However, Astrid is constantly eating before, during, and after training.

Tell us about the craziest gaming experience.

Lyris: Every moment with the team is crazy.

How do you all bond as a team outside of training?

Bunnosaur: We talk on our team chats almost everyday! This is surprisingly our best way to bond as a team as we all have very hectic schedules and it’s very hard to coordinate meet ups.

The big sister and clown of the group?

Bunnysu: Astrid is the big sister! All of us Battle Bunnies are clowns 🙂

Who is your gaming idol?


Now that Singapore has its first esports academy, do you think that this is enough support for esports athletes?

Astrid: I think that this is a great start to better the growing esports industry. There’s always more that can be done to push more people to step up and work towards pursuing gaming as a career.

Any advice for aspiring esports athletes?

Lyris: Don’t form a team full of monkeys, it will become a living zoo!

Favourite video game for the moment?

aesteria: PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)!!

Favourite video game character?

Bunnysu: Spyro!!

If your house is on fire, what is the one item that you will save?

aesteria: MY MONEY