Retro Street Fighter face-off: Xian vs Fox Sports Asia

Timothy Wee Timothy Wee

FOX Sports Asia laces up our virtual fighting gloves and gets into the digital ring with Singapore’s top Street Fighter champion, Xian.

If you were at GameStart Asia 2017, you would have witnessed some nail biting Street Fighter V  battles at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Majors gaming tournament.

And no doubt, Team Razer’s Ho Kun Xian (better known as Xian) would have been one of those who would have caught your eye.

Using the nifty female ninja Ibuki, the 2013 EVO champion made easy work of his early opponents to finish off fourth in the Capcom Pro Tour Asian Regional Finals.

Starting out in the video arcade, Xian’s Street Fighter journey started when he was just seven years of age!

Hence, it is no surprise that the arcade and games hold a special place in his heart.

So as a special treat, we decided to turn back the clock for Xian.

Going old school, we challenge the 2017 LAN Cup champion to the grandfather of all Street Fighter games – Super Street Fighter II Turbo!

Ready player one? FIGHT!

Retro arcade machine courtesy of Retrocade Singapore. For more info, click here.