Meet… Street Fighter champion Xian

Timothy Wee Timothy Wee

FOX Sports Asia hangs out with professional Street Fighter gamer Xian to learn more about the man behind the joystick.

It’s getting harder to ignore the eSports industry.

Last year, the growing field managed to capture 200 million viewers worldwide and was valued at US$900 million dollars according to Superdata.

Despite being legit now, we know very little about eSports and its athletes.

As such, we seize the chance to hang out with 27-year-old full-time professional Street Fighter gamer Ho Kun Xian.

Known simply as “Xian” in the gaming circles, the 2013 Evolution Championship Series (EVO) champion is a member of tech giant Razer’s professional eSports team (Team Razer).

Hailing from Singapore, Xian is also the first professional gamer to be sponsored by energy drink maker, Monster Energy.

Fresh from his recent LAN Story Cup victory in China, we sit down with the eighth most powerful Street Fighter V player in the world (fourth in Asia) to learn more about the man behind the joystick.

What is happiness?

Sharing. Sharing things with someone actually makes me the most happy.

Greatest fear?

Insects that can fly. A small one is fine, but any insect that is more than a few inches, it’s too big. I just feel really uncomfortable with that.


For eSports, it used to be Infiltration, but maybe now it will be Tokido. Tokido recently is being really healthy. He’s exercising and the way he presents himself and his philosophy about the games, I felt that it really inspires me a lot. And especially his win at Evolution this year – his hard work is paying off.

Tokido is a great example of how eSports players should be – exercising regularly, eating really healthy. His image looks really good. And he shows in tournaments that his mental focus is very very strong; compared to the other players. And I feel like this is definitely one of the prime examples of what I want to be as well.

Most used word or phrase?

I can’t remember. If there’s any, I don’t think it’s a good word.


Teleporting! Because I really hate waiting. Yeah if there’s a talent, I definitely want to teleport. I really hate waiting for bus, taxis or whatever.

One thing to change about himself?

I think my butt – I feel like I have too big of a butt. Not good for a guy.

Greatest achievement to date?

I felt it would be EVO 2013, for sure. That’s one of the world championship I won.

What is a “Xian” characteristic?

Creativity – the way I actually share about my thoughts to other people. I think creativity is probably how people usually describe me.

How to be your friend?

Loyalty. I believe in loyalty.

If you could control it, how would you like to depart this world?

While sleeping.

Life motto?

My life motto is actually sharing. Yeah, it still goes back to sharing.