WWE 2K20: Release date, leaked details and latest roster update

WWE 2K20 is one of the most anticipated game in the WWE 2k series and is expected to hit the shelves in October 2019. A recent post on Twitter also shared a document that reportedly revealed several features of the upcoming game. 

Just like the previous editions, WWE 2K20 might release in the second week of October. Amongst the different reports on the newly included features, it is expected that this edition will go under major changes.

A few days ago, a document went viral that reportedly contained several details about WWE 2k20 including the details about the gameplay and cover star. The document suggested that Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will feature as the Cover Star of the game. If that happens, ‘the Man’ will become the first female Superstar to be the solo over star in a game of the WWE 2K series. The document also suggested that the slogan of the upcoming game will read, ‘Freedom Is Yours’.

As per the reports, WWE 2K20 will also uphold the Women’s Revolution that has taken the WWE Universe by storm. It may feature the WWE Hall of Fame, lt, Chyna who had an incredible WWE un as apart of the DX faction. The document also stated that the players will get to relive DX’s journey via special tags featuring the faction in their latest gameplay.

If these reports are to be believed, the WWE 2K20 will release on August 7 and we will have all the updates on the roster by the end of the same month. Amidst the major changes that WWE are expected to introduce in this year’s edition of the game, the storyline is still the most anticipated part. Hopefully, it will be as gripping — if not more — as the WWE 2K19 gameplay.

So far, we have received no official confirmation on the said details which may prove to be false. Stay tuned for latest updates in WWE 2K20.