PUBG Mobile latest update v0.12.0: EvoGround, New Zombie mode, stronger weapons and more

PUBG Mobile rolled out its latest update, v0.12.0 on April 17, 2019 and it has kept its dedicated fandom buzzing ever since. Apart from introducing new challenges in the Battleground, PUBG mobile now boasts of several new features.

In this article, we will take you through all the exciting new updates that are now accessible to you on your PUBG Mobile gaming app.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile?


Under the different modes, players can now find ‘EvoGround’ alongside ‘Classic’ and ‘Arcade’ mode. This battlefield designed is exclusively for Zombie Apocalypse themed matches. EvoGround now boasts of two such maps – the new addition ‘Darkest Night’ and a revised version of the previous map in ‘Survive Till Dawn 2’.

Overall, PUBG has brought changes in the Zombie Apocalypse gameplay which is bound to gain your interest. Finally, in the game, as you keep killing the zombies your health will also increase, thereby helping you survive for a longer time.

Zombie Apocalypse in PUBG – Darkest Night

PUBG added the event Darkest Night to the game which is a bittersweet experience when you play it for the first time. In this event, teams are isolated and left in different parts of the island. In the Lobby, one can see his own self and three other players who make up the squad.

While you wait in the lobby, the blue zone is all around you which disappears as soon as the match starts. Another important addition is that of a ‘Toxic Gas’. In the Darkest Night mode, you have to take immediate shelter as soon as Zombies start to come.

It is necessary to note that you won’t survive the match if you stay outside as the toxic gas starts to clamp the scene and reduces your health significantly. The objective remains to survive in the game against the Zombies and outlive other players in the game until the timer goes off.

Zombie – Survive Till Dawn II

In the existing mode, PUBG have brought a few changes to help make it more exciting. This event also allows your health to simultaneously increase with the number of Zombies you kill. Additionally, they have introduced jumping Zombies -Dogs, who have increased the difficulty level.

This update also allows some of the Zombies to climb over walls when they are chasing you. However, they can only do that on the low level boundaries such as the walls that separate two houses in Pochinki. They can also climb onto the roof of a single-storeyed building to increase their attacking prowess.

Better Zombie weapons

With this update, PUBG have introduced a lot of new weapons which can help you tackle the Zombies while in this mode. The Flame Thrower allows you to destroy all the Zombies in sight. The only downside of these weapons is the amount of time it takes to reload.

The time interval between two of shots will expose you to the Zombies for long enough to have you knocked out. However, if you can strategize your attack, the flamethrower can prove to be a massive asset.

There’s also Liquid Nitrogen Grenade which has a slowing effect on the Zombies. With this weapon, you make all the Zombies around quite slow which then makes it easier for you and your squad to hunt the dead.

Additionally, with the new update, you can now use the Stun Grenade on the Zombies. Similar to its work on the other teams, this feature now allows to you stun the Zombies. You can then use the situation to your advantage by killing more Zombies in the same time frame.

‘I see what you did there’ – the new Spectate

One of the most exciting features of this newly updated PUBG Mobile gaming is the spectatorship feature which now allows you to watch the match that your friend is playing in. When you decide to invite friends, you can see who all are in the matches and a small ‘Play’ button appears on the left side of their names. If you click on it, it will take you to the match that your friend is in provides it’s a match in a classic mode.

Thus, you can now see the matches of all your clan and crew members in order to keep a better track of the players that are in our group. It is possible that this will affect your clan’s perspective of you if you are trying for a competitive league in PUBG.

Additionally, the game has brought in a Spring themed background that you can obtain from logging in soon after our update. You can use this theme while forming teams, exploring the closet and collecting rewards.