PUBG Mobile: Most underrated loot spots in Vikendi

PUBG Mobile is a very popular game.  Everybody knows the major loot spots in the game by now (if you don’t then check this out). These spots do give you the best loot but it could be risky since a lot of players tend to jump there.  Instead of going to those places, you can choose a safer location which has a low-risk high-reward potential. Here are the most underrated loot spots in the latest map to be released for the game, Vikendi:


A closely laid out city in the extreme corner of the map. There is usually just enough loot for an entire squad in this place. You might not get the top loot but it’s good enough to survive. There are vehicles present around it too so you can easily move to other areas for more loot.


Similar to Vihar, this place has plenty of structures in a closed area. The loot isn’t saturated in one place however so you might have to search a little while for the optimal loot. Players very rarely come to this place so you don’t have to contest this place with others most of the time.

Coal Mine

This old place has tons of good loot. Plenty of structures are that contain a decent amount of loot are located here. It’s near a highly active area in Cosmodrome, so if you are short on loot you can always rotate there. This place is not in an extreme corner of the map too so if you decide to land here you will not be far away from the safe zone most of the time.

Dobro Mesto

Unlike most of the other places on the list, Dobro Mesto is almost never short on loot. The only major issue is it is located in the extreme corner of the map and is out of the safe zone most of the time. Other than that, the place has enough loot for an entire squad and you can usually find level 3 stuff here along with the top guns.