PUBG Mobile: Where to find the best loot in Vikendi

Vikendi is finally out for PUBG Mobile and the snow map has a lot to provide. Here are the best loot locations in the map:


A place with massive structures and a lot of underground places. The loot is usually spread all over the place and you might have to move a lot. There is plenty of cover around so if you find yourself in trouble make sure to utilize the cover. The tallest building is usually where the most loot is present so be sure to prioritize it.


True to its name, the Castle is a place where you can easily get the best loot. Since it is located near the middle of the map, it’s a highly prioritized area. You can easily get the best loot without searching for too long. The only downside is that many players tend to jump here since it’s so good. If you manage to come out alive from Castle, then you are all set for the rest of the game.


The city is similar to Pochinki from Erangel in the sense that it has a lot of structures situated closely to one another. You can easily find decent loot here which is usually enough for a complete squad. You might have to go to multiple buildings for the optimal loot however. This place also has a lot of structures so be aware of any campers nearby.

Mount Kreznic

Mount Kreznic has some decent loot, but the place has lots of ups and downs due to its geographical orientation. You can use the elevations for spotting out enemies. The loot is sometimes not enough if you are with an entire squad but due to its geographical location, you can easily rotate to nearby places.

Cement Factory

One of the best loot spots in the map, the Cement Factory has everything! You can often get a flare gun in this place. The level 3 stuff is common around this place along with all the big guns. It does attract a lot of enemies so if you are someone who plays passively you might wanna stay away from this place. Overall if you manage to loot this place properly you have a higher chance of winning the game.