Mineski to bring Indonesian esports “to the next level” with $2 million investment

Mineski, the biggest esports organization in Southeast Asia, is planning to strengthen its position in Indonesia and bring the country’s “esports ecosystem to the next level” with a $2 million investment in 2019.

The organization will be utilizing its three main business units to facilitate the growth of Indonesian esports. These three include the Mineski Infinity cybercafe franchise, the esports tournament organizing body Mineski Events Team (MET), and the Mineski Professional esports teams for Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Mineski’s $2 million investment will be coming through MET Indonesia to improve the competitive infrastructure in the country. The organization claims this will provide more opportunities for players and fans alike, considering that

“We are planning to invest aggressively for the next following years to encourage the growth spurt of the nation’s esports industry, so that we could catch up with other leading countries,” said Mineski Indonesia Country Manager Agustian Hwang in a statement.

With an active gaming population of over 43.7 million active gamers, Indonesia is the 17th biggest gaming market, raking in over $1 billion in revenue according to the market research firm Newzoo’s October 2018 rankings.

MET is already planning to hold a number of esports tournaments in Indonesia such as the Garuda Garuda Cup, the Indonesia Professional Gaming League, and the Jakarta Masters. The Jakarta masters will be the Indonesian program version of the previous Manila Masters that ran in Mineski’s home country, the Philippines, in 2019.

The Manila Masters held in the Philippines. Image courtesy of MET.

Mineski has existing partnerships with a number of Indonesian companies, such as Telkomsel, GO-Jek, and Tokopedia that will be a boon to their plans of continual investments in the country.

“We are very pleased [to] build [a] partnership with Mineski in Indonesia […] in accordance with our commitment to building a digital lifestyle entertainment ecosystem for the people of Indonesia,” said Telkomsel General Manager for Games and Apps Auliya Ilman Fadli.

“Through Mineski, we are hoping to encourage local best talents to be recognised internationally,” added Tokopedia VP of Engineering Herman Widjaja.

Mineski was established in the Philippines and has over the years grown to become the biggest esports organization not only in the country but the rest of Southeast Asia as well.

The organization’s growth can be seen in how its Dota 2 team has changed as of late. Mineski originally had all-Filipino rosters until it started picking up talent from other countries in the region, with its current iteration an international mix consisting of two Malaysians, one South Korean, one Australian, and a Swedish captain.