Eoin Morgan’s heartwarming tribute to New Zealand side after World Cup 2019 – ‘Please idolise these guys’

England and New Zealand played out probably the greatest ODI match in the history of the sport and it came in the biggest game of them all – the Cricket World Cup 2019 final.

England were adjudged winners on the grounds of having scored more boundaries than New Zealand in the match after 102 overs of cricket, including the super overs, finished in a tie. Speaking to the media after the match, England captain Eoin Morgan paid tribute to the New Zealand side.

He said they were better than England throughout the tournament and he wouldn’t think twice before telling his kids to idolise the Kiwi side.

“They’ve been actually through a better tournament than we have. The fact a trophy is sitting here is, you know — like I mentioned, we got the rub of the green today,” Morgan said in the post-match press conference.

“New Zealand, throughout the group stages, were absolutely outstanding, very consistent and in the semi-final were very ruthless in playing against India, India are an extremely strong team..

“They are the best, and they do it in a fashion that you’d have no qualms in turning around to your kid and saying, ‘Please idolise these guys, they are very admirable.’ They are,” he signed off.