Eoin Morgan on winning World Cup 2019: “We had Allah with us”

England Cricket team captain Eoin Morgan led his country to the first-ever World Cup. England were very lucky to win the match courtesy number of boundaries scored in the match.

Morgan, who himself is an Irishman, was asked by the reporters about whether his Irish luck worked for the England team. The left-handed batsman who was naturally in a very good mood suggested they have Allah with them as well.

“We had Allah with us as well. I spoke to Adil Rashid, he said Allah was definitely with us. I said we had the rub of the green. That actually epitomises our team. We’re from quite diverse backgrounds and cultures and guys grow up in different countries. To actually find humour in the situation we were in at times was pretty cool,” he said.

England are being lauded from all quarters for finding unity in diversity and this gesture from captain Morgan is a great example of it.