Indian Cricket World Cup winner gives his verdict on MS Dhoni and his batting form slump

MS Dhoni has come under intense criticism after a lackluster Cricket World Cup 2019 outing with the bat, but former Indian captain and tournament winner Kapil Dev stuck up for him in a big way.

Kapil Dev weighed in on MS Dhoni’s inability to finish off games and accelerate the scoring rate at the death like he used to do in his younger days by explaining that Father Time catches up with everyone.

“It’s very unfair to criticise Dhoni. It has happened to those who have been rated as all-time greats. They are not going to be 20 all over again,” he said.

“The most important thing is Dhoni is doing good as far as the team is concerned.

“He may not be meeting the expectations of the public. The biggest problem is we expect so much from our heroes. He is doing a fabulous job for the team and an integral member of the thinktank.”

Kapil Dev, the captain of the squad that won the historic 1983 World Cup in England, then spoke about Virat Kohli’s captaincy and how having MS Dhoni around is the perfect foil for him.

“With an aggressive Virat (Kohli) as a captain, it’s ideal to have someone with a calming effect like him. His wicketkeeping is good, and as I said, he can’t be as good as he was when he was 20 or 23,” he concluded.

India resume their semifinal outing against New Zealand in the reserve day after the first day was washed out with the Kiwis totterring at 211/5 in 46.1 overs.

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(Quotes R/T Cricbuzz)